Building a website? There is no advice here.

I don't know what to write here or how to even start this off. So instead of wasting time and wearing out the backspace key i'm just going to ramble on.

   When i decided I wanted to create a webpage For Birch Corner, I might as well of said i'm going to build a car. Technology has never been my friend and wasted time is not a strong characteristic of mine. One of my good friends said he would help me with this task that I have been dreading and putting off. But everytime we got together cold beers took over and we never did get any real work accomplished. So last night I Brene Browned it. Me and cold bottle of Pinot paired with a bag of red twizzlers went to work. Who knew that shopify and spotify are 2 totally non related apps? Not me! Words like google analytics and domains became a new language (i still don't have a clue what they mean) But I pushed on and was quite proud of myself at 2:30 a.m. when I had what I would consider a good start to a webpage. What I know for sure is that I am more confident pushing lumber through a table saw than I am navigating my way through a website builder. This isn't the nicest website I have ever seen. But it gets the job done. I have new respect for "computer people" and I will never try to set something like this up again, unless of course there is a bottle of Pinot and red twizzlers involved.