About Us

Birch Corner was created out of sheer desperation to find home decor pieces with a modern farmhouse flair that would not wreck the wallet. After my wife Kirstie and I redesigned and renovated our home we were struggling to find just the right pieces of decor that would not only be "in style" for years to come but also made sense with our small budget. We started making our own home decor pieces. Friends and family later inquired about what we were making and before we knew it, well Birch Corner was created. Today you can find our products in many retail outlets throughout New Brunswick. We are so proud to live, work and raise our 2 daughters (Jerin & Charlie) in St. Stephen New Brunswick. We pride ourselves in producing quality handmade products using locally sourced materials. We share our little house on the corner in a Birch Tree thicket with our 2 dogs Oliver and Stella. I hope this WebPage has given you just a little inspiration to make your home feel a bit cozier, Thanks for stopping by.   

    Tyler Mann